WordPress Alternative Focused on Simplicity, SEO, and Collaboration

Blazing fast

Page loading speed is a critical criterion for SEO. OpenBlog has been built to have the fastest loading speed possible.

Super-Optimized SEO

All the structure used by OpenBlog to host your content is already optimized for SEO. You don’t need to worry about expensive SEO optimization.

Always up to date

OpenBlog is a cloud SaaS solution. The application is always up-to-date with the latest security and bug fixes.

Grow faster

Collaborate with other Openbloggers to expand your network and boost your blog’s growth. Reference your blog on other blogs to increase traffic and host guest posts to expand your content database quicker.

Rent your pages

Monetize your blog by collaborating with other Openbloggers to expand your reach. Rent or sell pages on your blog or other remote blogs to advertisers looking to reach your audience.


  • Create your blog in minutes.
  • Publish any type of post to your blog using the embedded editor.
  • Find other OpenBloggers.
  • Publish posts on other blogs.
  • Suggest changes to posts from other blogs.
  • Rent and sell your pages.


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