This tutorial describe how you can create a discount with Shopify

Shopify discounts types

By default, Shopify support two types of discount you can create from the dashboard :

  • Automatic discounts

An automatic discount is a discount which will be automatically applied at checkout. It will be applied for all customers performing a checkout on your store and can be a percentage or fixed amount discount .

  • Coupon code discounts

A coupon code discount can be used by your customer to apply a discount at checkout. The customer must be aware of the coupon code for the discount to be applied to his order.

Create an automatic discount

To create your first automatic discount, open your Shopify administration dashboard, and go to the “Discounts” section.

Then, click on “automatic discounts” and “Create automatic discount”

The next page allows you to create the automatic with the configuration you want :

  • Title : Title of your discount ( not visible by customers ).
  • Types : Percentage, Fixed amount or Buy X get Y discount.
  • Value : The value of the discount depending on its type.
  • Applied to : Product on which you want to apply the discount.
  • Minimum requirements : Minimum purchase / quantity to trigger the discount.
  • Active dates : The date range where the discount most be active, the discount will not be applied outside of this range.

Once the configuration is finished, click on the “save” button, the offer is now active and you can see it on your checkout page.

Create a coupon code

To create your first discount code, as for the automatic discount, open your Shopify administration dashboard, and go to the “Discounts” section.

Then, click on “Discount code” and “Create discount code”

The next page allows you to configure the discount code as you which

  • Title : The name of your discount code ( Used by customer to get the discount )
  • Type : Percentage / Fixed amount / Free shipping or Buy X get Y discount
  • Value : The value of your discount depending of the type ( percentage, fixed discount etc … )
  • Minimum requirements : Allows to set a minimum quantity / cart value to trigger the discount
  • Customer eligibility : Allows to select a specific group of customers that can use the discount
  • Usage limits : Limit the usage of the discount to one per customer or a specific number of times.
  • Active dates : Date range where the discount code can be used

Once the configuration is finished, just click on save and go to the checkout page, you should see a new input for your discount code.


As we have seem in this tutorial, Shopify discount management system is great to create simple offer, like to offer a 10% discount for a specific product or for a limited time. however, Shopify discounts are also very limited when it comes to configure advances discount, like a volume discount.

The main problem is that Shopify discount can’t be stacked at checkout. It if you create an automatic discount, your customer won’t be able to stack a discount code on top of it at checkout.

To avoid being stuck by Shopify discount limitations, you should consider use a discount management app to allows you to create multiple discount and stack them at checkout.

Some discount management applications like DiscountDuck also allows you to create advanced discounts like quantity breaks with beautiful widgets

Quantity breaks with DiscountDuck

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