Why should you not miss Valentine’s day?

There are only a few days when people are ready to spend a lot of money celebrating a special event. Black Friday and Christmas are the two most important events you can’t miss as a Shopify e-merchant. Right after these events comes Valentine’s Day; in the U.S, every person spends 196$ on average on gifts for this event. This amount gets higher every year.

This article gives you 5 steps to take immediately to attract customers and sell more for that particular day.

Valentine’s day planned spending per person

I. Offer a special gift

Valentine’s day is about love and sharing. Want to impress your customers? Offer them a free flower, jewelry, chocolates, candy, valentine card, or any product from your products catalog relevant to Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day is an extraordinary day for many of your customers. This kind of gift will give you a special place in their hearts and encourage them to buy your products.

Apps you can use to create this kind of offers on Shopify :
DiscountDuck, Free Gifts BOGO buy x get y, Automatic Free Gifts

II. Offer a discount with a coupon code

Don’t have any relevant products you can give for free? Offer them a coupon code!

A coupon code offer is a classic for Valentine’s day and is also one of the best ways to increase your sales for this special event. Your discount doesn’t have to be related to Valentine’s day. Many couples take advantage of Valentine’s Day to offer their lover the product they desire.

Apps you can use to create this kind of offers on Shopify :
DiscountDuck, Discount Pop Up, Coupon Code & Discount Pop Up

III. Create a special bundle offer

Valentine’s day is the perfect day to create bundle offers. You can create special bundles with any products relevant to Valentine’s day. Bundles with products for him and her ( don’t forget bundles for him/him and her/her ) or bundles with your premium products, including a volume discount ( Buy 2 get 30% off ).

You can offer your bundles dynamically as an exceptional offer applied to multiple products in your store or create a special package including all the products from your bundle.

Apps you can use to create this kind of offers on Shopify :
DiscountDuck, WideBundle, BundleBear

IV. Create a unique design for your store

As for any special event, the design of your website is essential. It must bring your customer into the ambiance of this particular day. You don’t need to redesign your whole store only for this day. Only a banner on the home page advertising your special offers and a bit of design on your product’s image will do a great job.

V. Create a Valentine’s day gift guide

Did you know that Valentine’s day is not only about love and sharing? It’s also a lot of time and pain to come up with the perfect gift idea for the loved one. As a merchant, your job is to help your customers. So, offer them a free Valentine’s day guide to help them find the perfect product on your catalog without spending hours browsing and comparing your products.

Keep in mind that for this day, you don’t communicate directly with your customers but with their loved ones, who may not know your products. A gift guide is a powerful tool for your Valentine’s day marketing, and it’s the perfect place to advertise your coupon codes.

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