This article shows how to create two automatic discounts with a Shopify Application step by step.

Install the app

Go to the Shopify app store and install an app allowing to create automatic discounts, here we will install DiscountDuck.

Create the first automatic discount

Once the app is installed, open it and click on “Create new offer”

Select “Stackable automatic discount

Choose a name for your offer and configure the offer according to your needs, here we will offer a 15% discount on all products.

The options for stackable automatic offers are very similar to Shopify automatic discounts with a few additional features ( like limitation to create bundle offers ).

Apply the discount to all products
Give 15% discount on all products

Once the configuration is complete, click on “Save offer“.

The 15% discount is now automatically applied to all items in cart :

Cart page with 15% discount

Create the second automatic discount

For the second automatic discount, we will repeat the exact same steps as for the first offer, but we will modify the configuration to offer an additional 10% discount for 10 “Security Camera” products purchased.


The two offers are now configured.

A total of 25% discount is now offered for 10 security cameras purchased ( 10% discount on the whole store + 15% on security cameras )

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